Welcome to The Outpost Mercantile, a delightful store filled with fresh, healthy food, toys for the kid in all of us, and gear for the great outdoors (or indoors)!
Come in for all your baking needs, either conventional or Gluten free! We have many of those hard-to-find, natural and organic ingredients, a good variety of “back to the basics” products, and lots of bulk foods, fresh meats, & produce.

You’ll have to come in to our store and shop, shop our online store {Buy Stuff}, or call us, to experience the atmosphere and wonder inside. We are located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, one block west of the main street on the corner of Getty and 6th Street. Join us for a smoothie, sandwich, or cup of joe, and then shop for items you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else!

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NEW Blog – The Wonderful Benefits of Organic Oatmeal

The subject of Oatmeal is very fun for me. When I was a young mother, my son presented me with a small booklet that he had made; It was titled: Mother

In this adorable little book that had page after page of things that he loved and knew well about me, his mother. He wrote about events, memories and he even went so far as to mention my favorite food.

Now, you must remember that my son was six years old, and as you know, children learn from what they see, not what they’re told…so according to my son, my favorite food was: OATMEAL!

From the mouths of Babes. Am I a blessed Mommy, or what?
I must be doing something right! Because Oatmeal (And I will only eat and feed my family, Organic Oatmeal) Is naturally high in protein and rich in fiber and many essential minerals. It is an excellent food to regulate bowel function without cramps or aggravation.

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