• Benefits of Using Epsom Salt January 26, 2017


    Epsom Salt, Plain O’l Epsom Salt… the stuff our grandmothers were always making us soak our feet in for every stub, splinter, cut and nail hole! I was convinced that it was a ploy to get us to sit still long enough so that the bandages could be gathered and the decision of which wonderful treat to give, could be made! In reality, the medical benefits are what’s really unbelievable.

    Epsom Salt: aka: Magnesium Sulphate, is awesome as a foot or bath soak. It may help to relieve sore muscles, draw out splinters, and to ease the pain of sprains and bruises.

    It is used intravenously (through an IV) to control seizures in pregnant women and certain children. It can be used to treat a dangerous arrhythmia, lower high blood pressure, slow down contractions during labor, and treat other conditions. It has been used as a painless cathartic during times of illness or other need. Everyone should know about the benefits of this wonderful natural mineral.

    Don’t discount the everyday uses that your family can glean by having this mineral handy.

    When taking my Naturopath classes, I was quite surprised as to the importance that was attached to the magnesium sulphate tubs for good health. These mineral baths taken (without soap, which can interrupt the uptake of nutrients) are one of the best ways for the body to absorb the exact amount of magnesium that it needs. Not too much, not too little! The body is “smart” when given the chance, only as much as it needs, it will never absorb more than it needs.

    Magnesium is an essential mineral, needed for proper calcium uptake. Without it, our body cannot use the calcium we are taking in; leaving us with cramps, twitching and even convulsions. So, indulge, take one or two baths a week in 1 to 2 cups of Epsom Salt and absorb the Magnesium that your body needs! I’m often asked if there is a difference in Epsom Salts. The answer is yes, Some are heavier than others per volume, because some salts are over processed. Other than that it is the same, it is plain o’l Magnesium Sulphate.

    Sue Meyer

    Stop by The Outpost Mercantile to pick up some Epsom Salt, or try our Epsom Salt Bath Soaks, scented with essential oils.



  • 2nd Annual Outpost Bicycle Scavenger Hunt and Open House September 4, 2016

    Join us for our 2nd Annual Bicycle Scavenger Hunt and 2nd Year Anniversary Open House!


    Saturday, September 24th, beginning at 9am


    Scavenger Hunt 2016

    You can now register online for the Scavenger Hunt.

    Early Bird registration ends on September 10th. 


    With your Early bird registration you will receive (up to) 3 member t-shirts and 3 Outpost Stainless steel water bottles.

    This is a Fun Team/Family event.  A team should consist of at least 2 members; but may include as many as you would like.  You will work together to find a variety of items listed in your clues as you bike along the Lake Wobegon Trail to West Union and back.

    Many fun prizes awarded!  Including prizes for the oldest participant, the youngest, the first to finish, and the last!  Hope to see you soon!

    Go here to register!


  • Food For Your Health Podcast July 15, 2016

    Let’s Talk! Join Sue Meyer, co-owner of The Outpost Mercantile, in this Podcast as she discusses the importance of nutritious food and your health.  Providing quality food for their family is part of the inspiration behind opening The Outpost Mercantile.

    The Meyers hope to provide others with the same quality food that they use to nourish their own family at prices a family can afford.  Listen to this podcast to learn more about the importance of choosing food from good sources and how it has a direct impact on your health.

    To Listen, visit:

    Food for your health Podcast


  • Bike Scavenger Hunt on Lake Wobegon Trail a success!! September 29, 2015

    We had a great time with the bike scavenger hunt! Several large families made the entire trip to West Union and back, even little kids to 4 years old made the trip. They searched for the educational and “just-for-fun” clues. After about a 4 to 4-1/2 round trip in gorgeous weather, they returned with sweaty faces, smiles, and giggles.

  • Class in Illinois August 10, 2015

    Sue was in Illinois this weekend hosting a homeopathic training seminar. Great success! Go to to read more.