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Wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year!

This New Year leaves us scrambling for the perfect Resolution!

Helpful hint?


We all tend to go on super fantastic diets as our New Year’s resolution, or promise ourselves that we will exercise or lose weight…wonderful goals. Though it may be wiser to promise ourselves that we will simply begin to take better care of the ‘ol body that we’ve been given! For instance: man is corporeal, his body responds favorably to regular meals and nutrition, exercise and of course we can’t forget to the importance of the spiritual life.

Is your body receiving proper nutrition? Not, are you eating enough…but rather ask yourself if you are eating the right things; and make sure you are not eating the wrong things!

Routine: this is a key element that we easily neglect. The physical body loves routine. To rise at the same time daily, exercise, meals at appointed times. And of course, prayer. The mind and spirit cannot be separated from the body, and this aspect must be filled daily as well, if we hope to have a full, rich and healthful life!

We, at The Outpost Mercantile, hope to serve the community again this year with healthful items for your successful New Year!

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer