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Circulation#66 Comb. Remedy - Correction of Circulatory Disorders: Niacin 2x., Niacinamide 2x., Veratrum Album 4x., Adrenalinum 6x., Campora

Please make the note: As with any combination remedy it is best to have a good homeopath monitor remedies. If a combination remedy is given to aid with organ repair, a 6 to 8 week regiment of 2-4 doses daily, for 6 -8 weeks is an average good protocol to aid in the healing / restoration of. Then a respite from the protocol should be taken. (again a good homeopath would be helpful) After a 4-6 week break, the protocol can be reinstated. If the patient is terminal or in organ failure. The remedy may be used for continuous comfort without the break. But can be reduced or given more frequently as needed.
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