Craniosacral Seminar Jacksonville, Florida - February 21-24, 2024

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Join Sue Meyer, of Homeopathy for Mommies, for an in-depth 4-day seminar on Craniosacral Therapy. This seminar will be held in Jacksonville, Florida, at a private residence. Don't miss this amazing opportunity! Seating is limited!

Wednesday, February 21 - Saturday, February 24, 2024

9am-4pm Daily

Intro to Craniosacral Therapy - This is an in-depth 4-day seminar where Sue will teach you about Craniosacral Therapy. How to recognize when craniosacral is needed; basic cranial and sacral anatomy, and basic Neuro-cranial and Visceral-cranial technique. Sue teaches what every parent and caregiver should know about craniosacral and its benefits and how to apply it in their own home. This also includes Hands on Craniosacral demonstration with a brief introduction to Myofascial Unwinding; which is a technique taught by Dr. Carol

Phillips DC. This class is not intended to teach everything you need to know about the art of Craniosacral Myofascial Unwinding, but it is a Class that will give you a clear understanding of what this form of Natural Body Manipulation can do for the health of the mind and body. Every student learns at a different pace, but all will go away with a feeling of confidence in their ability to bring this hands-on technique into their own home. This class also goes over a few basic remedies that can be helpful to use in conjunction with cranio-sacral. Includes printed booklet.

*Seminar will be held at a private residence; registrants will receive an e-mail with the location closer to the seminar date.

There will be a break for lunches, please bring your own bag lunch.


Sue Meyer ND CCH is a Naturopath, Certified Classical Homeopath, and certified CEASE Therapist. Sue is the author of Homeopathy for Mommies, a guide for teaching caregivers how to use homeopathy, the host of Homeopathy for Mommies Podcast and a nationally known speaker and blogger. Learn more at:

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