First Aid Kit

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First Aid Kit:

includes zippered vinyl case; 31- 2 dram remedies

This kit is a welcome addition to the Homeopathy for Mommies kit. Many of the same remedies, but in higher potency for the Emergency Situation. I love this kit because when kids are involved, it seems that there are ALWAYS Emergency situations occurring. From that scraped knee to the fall from a bike. This kit will get used more times than you can count!

Kit contains:
Aconite Nap. 200c
Aloe Socotrina 30c
Apis Mel. 200c
Arnica Mont 200c
Arsenicum Alb 200c
Belladonna 200c
Berberis Vulg. 30c
Bryonia Alba 200c
Calendula Off. 200c
Cantharis Ves. 200c
Carbo Veg 200c
Chamomile Vulg. 30c
Cocculus Ind. 30C
Gelsemium Semp 200c
Hamamelis Virg 6c
Hepar Sulph 200c
Hypericum Perf 200c
Ipecacuanha 200c
Kali Bich. 30c
Ledum Pul. 200c
Lycopodium Clav. 200c
Nux Vomica 200c
Phosphorus 30c
Phytolacca Dec. 200c
Pulsatilla Nig. 200c
Pyrogenium 200c
Rhus Tox 200c
Ruta Grav. 30c
Silicea Terra 200c Veratrum 30c
Spongia Tosta 200c

Lavender Essential Oil

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