New England Naturals Natural Exfoliating Loofah Brush

Back Sponge Scrubber Brush Long Handle
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Product Details
  • The natural loofah brush is made of 100% natural loofah, which swells and softens when moist.
  • It can massage the skin and exfoliate the skin perfectly. Loofah helps dry and oily skin and has the effect of improving the skin.
  • The natural loofah brush is made of mature loofah as the brush head, with pure natural bamboo as the handle, and all parts are from nature, without pollution.
  • Products made of high-quality loofah sponge pure natural, pollution-free.
  • Loofah has natural pores, which can easily create foam, making you fall in love with bathing and enjoy massage. The brush can be hung after use, and the brush will dry quickly and keep it clean.
  • Handle is 11 1/2"
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