Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Junior

90 Mini Soft Gels
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Ultimate Omega Junior

Omega-3 fish oil to support brain health, mood, and learning in small chew-or-swallow soft gels
90 mini soft gels
Serving Size: 2 soft gels
Servings per container:45
Great Strawberry Taste! Ages 6-12
Two soft gels daily, with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional


Brain Health*
Positive Mood*
Nervous System Development*

Ultimate Omega® Junior offers a potent, kid-sized serving of omega-3s to benefit brain health, mood, and learning, in a smaller, strawberry-flavored soft gel that’s easy to swallow or chew.*

  • 680 mg total omega-3s
  • Omega-3 concentrate for ages 6-12
  • Support for brain health, mood, and learning*
  • Supports normal cognitive function and social development*
  • Natural strawberry flavor (free of strawberry allergens)
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