Poison Ivy Soap

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Poison Ivy Soap

Poison Ivy Soap removes the Urushiol (the invisible oil from the plants) thus preventing the rash and/or removing the itch. Wash after exposure, or after rash occurs.

How do you use poison ivy soap? After Exposure:

After exposure to Poison Ivy or Poison Oak, wash your entire body with Poison Ivy Soap. Do this in the shower, not a bath. Rinse well with water. Use as often as necessary to relieve the itch.

If you have the rash:

Use as described above. If itching persists, try spraying with Jewel Witch anti itch spray to calm the skin.


The invisible oil from the "poison" plants (called urushiol) can stick to almost any surface it touches. Because most soaps contain lotions and other ingredients known to spread rather than remove irritants, those products should be avoided. Urushiol can remain on clothing, under fingernails, on garden tools, even in pet fur. Every surface must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid recontamination.

How does poison ivy soap work? Is it safe to use?

Poison Ivy Soap is made with pure mountain spring water, untreated jewelweed, and saponified animal fat. No aritificial colors, fragrances, or chemicals. Because of its purity and specific ingredients, the soap removes irritants such as urushiol.

Do not eat and avoid using it around the eyes.

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