Wyldewood Cellars Elderberry Concentrate

12.5 fl oz.
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Size:12.5 Fl. Oz

Wyldewood Cellars makes the highest quality elderberry product by adding water to elder­berry super concentrate to create a convenient serving size for our customers. We flash pasteurize and bottle it without preservatives. We believe that the best elderberry product is the one that is minimally processed and therefore is closest to the fresh fruit which is naturally a beautiful deep purple color. Over the last 22 years consumer interest in Elderberries has grown such that this once obscure noxious weed has been discussed on National Television Shows Good Morning America The Doctors and Dr. Oz and on radio via The Dr. Bob Martin Show. Wyldewood Cellars takes pride in pro­ducing Elderberry Concentrate that is pure elderberry with nothing else added.

  • 100% Natural Elderberry.
  • Kosher Certified; Non-GMO; No Pesticides ; No Gluten.
  • No Added Sugar, Sweeteners, Alcohol, Other Juices, or Syrups No Preservatives or Additives.
  • Natural Source of Rutin, Vitamin C, Quercertin, Bioflavoinoids.
  • Elderberry has the highest ORAC score of any fruit. about 3 times blueberry, and the highest quercetin content of any fruit.
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