Yellow Dock Organic Root Powder

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(Rumex crispus)

Organic Root Powder

Yellow dock is a perennial flowering plant in the Polygonaceae family, known for it fleshy, yellow tap root and long, curly leaves. Also referred to as curly dock, the plant is native to Europe and western Asia, and is now naturalized around the world. Our yellow dock powder is ground form organic Rumex crispus roots. Yellow dock root powder can be used topically, encapsulated, tinctured, and infused in herbal vinegars.

Curled dock bears multiple clusters of three-winged flowers. Its seeds are green in the summer but they become deep red as they mature. The root of yellow dock is bright yellow below the bark. The root is harvested in late summer after the seeds have begun to turn red.

Blood cleanser; used for anemia, hepatitis, and chronic skin disorders. Mild laxative. Aids fat digestion.

3 tsp daily
Do not take if pregnant.

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