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A few interesting facts about Caffeine.
Most people think of Caffeine and immediately they think: COFFEE! Yum! ESPRESSOS! YUM!

I agree. But did you know that Coffee Beans are one of the least regulated crops when it comes to pesticide sprays? (Pesticide is the generic term used to describe: Fungicides, Insecticides and Herbicides) Sad, but true.

So, without an entire article about this subject alone…Drinking Organic or at least a good Fair-Trade Coffee that is grown on small farms without the use of Pesticides, should be a top priority in your life, if you hope to reap the benefits of this amazing drink!

Caffeine has been blamed for everything from stress and sleep deprivation through to sugar cravings and sharp mood swings. However, a flood of recent studies indicates that caffeine may also offer a host of key health benefits. As long as you practice moderation (Temperance to those who understand Virtue), it may well aid your body in a variety of ways.

According to BUZZTEAM;
Caffeine can boost exercise endurance : Over-consumption of caffeine can cause problems to fitness fanatics, leaving the body feeling immensely tired after an all-too-short boost. However, if taken in small doses and at the right time, caffeine has actually been found to enhance physical exercise by extending the body’s endurance and burning off more fat.

Caffeine can speed up your metabolism: Whilst some researchers argue that an excess of caffeine can lead to stronger cravings for fatty, carb-rich foods, this stimulant has also been known to speed up the metabolism. It boosts the body’s blood sugar levels and can actually make you feel less hungry as a result. If taken before physical exercise, caffeine can also break down fats up to 30 percent more efficiently. Just keep it in moderation!

Caffeine can help to ward off Alzheimer’s disease: Research suggests that caffeine may reduce the risk of people contracting Alzheimer’s disease, by lowering the damage that the wrong kind of foods can have on the brain. Studies in the US suggest that tea and coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from this illness, as caffeine protects a vital barrier between the brain and the main blood supply, preventing complications from arising.

Caffeine can lift your mood: is a stimulant that affects the heart and central nervous system by raising blood pressure and exciting hormones. It’s often described as a ‘mood drug’, giving the mind a quick boost before wearing off and bringing it down to earth with a bump…just don’t overdo it!

Caffeine may reduce the risk of gallstones: Contrary to popular belief, caffeine-rich coffee may actually help the body in its battle to avoid developing gallstones and kidney stones. Although research is still growing in this field, it seems that coffee may be able to break down the unwanted bile deposits which later cause problems in the gall bladder. (Of course you NEVER want to drink Nonfat Dairy Creamers…While both the liquid as well as Powder Non-Dairy Creamers are equally toxic to the human body; It has been reported that the dry version is actually flammable and both products, lead to gall-stones.

And did I mention the fact that Coffee just tastes wonderful! It is a God given gift that truly Transcends explanation.

So, if you want my Advice. Make your Coffee Organic, keep it real with only real cream, coconut oil, or almond milk and natural sweeteners. And Enjoy!

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer