The subject of Oatmeal is very fun for me. When I was a young mother, my son presented me with a small booklet that he had made; It was titled: Mother

In this adorable little book that had page after page of things that he loved and knew well about me, his mother. He wrote about events, memories and he even went so far as to mention my favorite food. Now, you must remember that my son was six years old, and as you know, children learn from what they see, not what they’re told…so according to my son, my favorite food was: OATMEAL!

From the mouths of Babes. Am I a blessed Mommy, or what?
I must be doing something right! Because Oatmeal (And I will only eat and feed my family, Organic Oatmeal) Is naturally high in protein and rich in fiber and many essential minerals. It is an excellent food to regulate bowel function without cramps or aggravation.

My son must have thought it was my favorite food, because we ate it every morning for breakfast. I always feel so good when I eat oatmeal and it is one of the few foods that will curtail my craving for protein.

My family and I actually had a granola business back in the day, because I was so determined to spread the great taste and nutritious aspects of Oatmeal….then homeschooling kind of filled my time and the Granola Business was put on the back burner.

At this time, I would like to remind people of the wonderful Health Benefits of Organic Oatmeal! Delicious, Nutritious, Convenient, Quick and Easy Meal, may be eaten raw, (yes, kids especially love to chew on the flakes of Old Fashion Rolled Oats) Soaked over-night and Cooked in the morning is the healthiest way to eat Oatmeal, as it breaks down natural inhibitors contained in all seeds and grains. But even if the Oats aren’t soaked, they are still delicious and nutritious when cooked and may be sweetened with a touch of stevia, honey or pure maple syrup, fresh fruit, nuts or just eaten plain.

Always naturally Gluten Free, studies show that Oats are rich in a specific type of Fiber known as beta-glucan. This has been known to lower cholesterol up to 23%, on as little as 3 dry grams daily. The American Journal of Nutrition also has much to say about Oats and their effect on the entire cardio system and digestive system, as well as lowering Cholesterol levels.  The Journal goes on to say, that when vitamin C is added to the diet along with Oats, the Oat phenol interacts synergistically to benefit the lowering of LDL, while boosting HDL, the good cholesterol and even boosts the immune system.

Oatmeal boasts: Protein 14%, Fiber 17%, Manganese 96%, Molybdenum 64%, Phosphorus 29%, Copper 27%, Biotin 26%, Magnesium 17%, Chromium 15%, and Zinc 14%.

So, May I suggest; we all get back to the basics of simple and delicious, Organic Oatmeal?

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer