Every month I touch on a subject of health from this fast-changing world of ours. Usually the subject is one of food or about an additive that I suggest you try to avoid.

Well, this week I want to talk about Music. That which calms the savage beast! It’s true. Music touches the deepest part of man. It can provoke joy, sadness, laughter, even courage. It can lift the spirit of the listener. Good music has been shown to increase well-being and vitality. Music has been created and played by every culture since man’s creation. Good Music is inspired and stands the test of time.

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing such GOOD music. That’s correct. Two of my favorite customers graced our veranda, with the gift of Cello music!

In trying to generate more interest in culture in this wonderful little town of ours, Teri Brooks and Retha Dooley gave of their time and talent to come play for us at The Outpost Mercantile. They played classics like: Come Thou Font of Every Blessing, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Loch Le Mond, Summer Night by Bartok, Nearer My God to Thee, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Spring by Vivaldi, and two more selections from Mozart. Teri and Retha also played at several other locations around town that day.

Everywhere you turn these days, all you hear about is talk of the latest diet, or electronic craze. I for one am happy to report that Charity and Music are still alive in the hearts of many. I thank Teri and Retha for their gift of self. And I pray God give them in return, a sample of the joy that they instill in others by their music!

Thank You,

Sue Meyer