Fasting is an age-old practice that has been around since Biblical times. The art of Fasting has been a means for man to appease his God, Strengthen his body or as in Mahatma Gandhi’s case, to make a political statement.

In any culture, food is one of the three main focuses in life. We must think about our next meal, in order to prepare, grow or even catch it! We are always dreaming up new recipes, inviting guests to break bread with at meals and gatherings. Food is literally the center of our lives.

So why should we fast? Or How should we fast? There are as many variations to fasting as there are persons on the planet. So how do we decide what to fast from, how long to fast for, or how often?

So many questions; And every Natural Doctor or Health Enthusiast will have his or her own suggestions. So, again. Where do we start?

I like to look back in history to find what has worked for those having gone before us. The Bible is an excellent place to reference fasting, The Story of Daniel; he fasted from the delicacies and rich foods that were found on the Kings table. He chose to do this for his religious convictions and was therefore granted strength and wisdom. It doesn’t say that he went hungry; but he did restrain from allowing himself the indulgences.

We of course have St John…What! Grasshoppers! Yum, right. I’m sure his diet was based on availability, rather than choice. He ate what there was, because he was busy with his work, and chose not to worry about becoming a shepherd or laborer for his supper. He did this as a conscious choice, again. For his God.

Fasting for modern man can be a very beneficial way to cleanse the body, but also to strengthen the mind. Seriously? Yes, I am very serious. Let’s start with the body.

When the body is denied it’s regular fair, it must quickly decide how it is going to survive the new changes. It is amazing what the body can deal with when it is denied. Of course, when fasting, you must always make sure that the body is getting enough GOOD, CLEAN, FRESH water. Why, because any change in diet, will trigger the body to dump toxins as a means to run more efficiently. I’ve known folks to fast for several days on Water and Lemon juice only. I never suggest anyone fast solely on JUICE because of the high sugar content, but fresh squeezed can be a supplement, as it is rich in live enzymes., You must remember, to drink a large glass of water several times a day, so that the body can flush properly.
Of course, a fast can also mean something as simple as giving up eating meat more than once a day, or giving up all sweets or eating after 5 p.m. or giving up alcohol, soda, or processed foods. There are so many ways to jerk you body into a survival mode and just train it to behave, that you can become very creative with the lessons! I do recommend that whatever you do….you do for the good of your soul as well, why? Because we are not just a body, or just a mind, or just a soul…you are one person, mind, body and spirit. A strong body supports a strong mind, and a strong body and mind, support a strong spirit. That is the way man was created, that is the way man will live a happy life.

How does a fast strengthen the Mind? A fast trains the body to deny itself. I have children in my life that are willing to give up their favorite food for weeks on end, not only for their own good,…but also for the good of others. They save the pennies for the poor, while giving up certain more expensive foods. These children are not only learning physical discipline, they are learning the ultimate virtue of Perfect Charity. They will grow to have a good strong body and a strong mind, therefore creating a beautiful, strong spirit.

So, go ahead! Pray about a good fast for your own good, and then offer your meager sacrifice to the Good Lord who will reward your effort. You must remember…just as a great athlete must practice to become physically strong, so too, a Courageous Soul needs much self-discipline and virtue….fasting is the best workout you can do!